Kanjana Collection

From observation of the nature, we realize that many natural creations such as some plants, some animals or objects such as gems stone, pearl etc. have very simple forms. However, if you ask biologists or scientists, they can explain to you how complicate, delicate, and sophisticate are the process of creating such objects.

With this concept of "Simple but not simplistic", we try to design the products that show "simplicity" for the image, but at the same time show complexity, sophistication and craftsmanship on the structure or details of the products.

Department Of Export Promotion (2009)
For "Kanjana 2009 Collection" by Hygge Co.,Ltd.

Good Design Award (G-Mark) 2009,
Japan Industrial Design Promotion, Japan
For "Kanjana 2009 Collection" by Hygge Co.,Ltd.

Designer of The Year 2009 Awards, Silpakorn University, Department Of Export Promotion, Thailand Creative & Design Center
For "Kanjana 2009 Collection" by Hygge Co.,Ltd.